Thursday, December 20, 2012

simple moments :: week 6

oh the hilarity of a five minute span of funny faces and learning that boundaries that do not exist between brothers. there's no such thing as personal space.

 oh, i think i'll play with my monkey.
 wait, what's that?
 oh. it's my brothers.
 meh, i'll grab this ball.
 oh, hey jo.
 oh nothing, just playin' with muh ball.
 until that kid walks by and whacks me with his monster truck.
imma give you the what for and grunt as hard as i can at you!?
 i mean. i'm in the floor all.the.time.
 um, hey. imma tryin' ta see ma now.
 oh hey ma.
 these other kids are crazy.
oh what's that!?
can i eat it?
do you see what he's doing, ma?
because i don't get it.
i mean, i really don't get him.
do you?
i'm so confused.

or something like that. who knows what he really thought. i thought the whole series of looks and expressions was hysterical.

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I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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