Saturday, December 22, 2012

twelve years

it's about to get real mushy up in here.

what does twelve years of marriage look like for us?

we were married on his Christmas break from tech school after he joined the air force, six months after i graduated high school. we survived living apart, living together briefly, and living apart again during tech school.

we moved away from our families, the only home i had ever known, to a new town and new people.

we were baptized together.

we made it through two deployments, the second one right after we found out i was pregnant for the second time. daddy missed my first mother's day, baby's first birthday, his own birthday at home, and barely made it home for his first father's day.

we survived military life. we did. we even survived the adjustment period after military life.

we had two beautiful perfect babies, then we made it through two (maybe three) miscarriages. the second one, i was a little more hysterical, probably because i held the little body in my hands. but Toby saw me through that. he saw me through them both. he held me while i cried, he told me he loved me, and that we would get through it.

then we made three more beautiful and perfect babies. the third child was and still is the hardest of all. the fourth was and is the happiest kid ever. and the last one was a homebirth that daddy nearly missed.

during all those baby making years, i spent 18 months going psycho because i was on birth control. i suffered through ppd last year. and he stayed by my side as that was the hardest year of my life. for a time, i begged to move back to our home town, causing him much grief. i have not always been nice or easy to live with. but we made it.

we started our own side business, and he has helped me and encouraged all along the way.

we began a journey of homeschooling and while it is not always easy, my honey is always encouraging and loving, even when i am screaming for public school.

we moved away from the place we called home for ten years to start over at a new job. we bought our first house. we still are a one car family, and while not always easy, it works for us.

we have enjoyed one vacation together away from the kids. and we've had one weekend getaway with the kids. perhaps we should do that more often.

i still love him as much as i did when that feeling of love for him first came over me. i probably love him more actually. we still kiss each other goodnight, hug when he walks in the door, and yes, i'll say it, we're still hot for each other. he accepts my body, that i don't like, that has changed since our wedding, he accepts it for what it is. he loves me unconditionally. he encourages me. we still say 'i love you' every day, and during every single phone conversation, and every single time one walks out the door.

my honey is funny and handsome and sexy and giving and encouraging and the bestest daddy and so kind and more than i deserve. and i love him more than i thought possible. he's loud and goofy and picky and so charming. he's super intelligent, and extremely creative, and so humble about it. i just love him. i love all of him.

God put us together and we were married so young and had babies so early and have had many highs and many lows, but here we are, together and in love and happy. so happy.

happy twelve year anniversary, honey. i love you. more than i could ever fully express. and tonight we shall celebrate by leaving the kidlets at home and grabbing some dinner alone. then, finishing up our shopping for the rugrats. it's tradition, ya know.
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ps, it occurs to me that he and i need more photos of just the two of us.


  1. Beautiful post Brooke. Happy Anniversary and many many more wonderful years together!

  2. When I put our anniversary blog together I noticed we have very few photos. Tommy said it might be time to have a *cough* friend take ours. ;)


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