Monday, January 14, 2013

birds out the window.

my beautiful boy. i tell him all the time he's beautiful. but he is. and not just his pretty face and beautifully bouncy curly hair. it stems from his heart. oh how i wish you could just hang out with him being him for a while. he is so excitable. happy always. energetic as heck. so helpful. he's so much.

 mostly an energetic ball of excitement, in a constant state of bliss.

this is my favorite, below.
ps, he was bird watching.

my other favorite right here.

and when we're done making all the women on earth jealous of this boy's hair, birdwatching, and being pretty, i mean, handsome. no i do mean pretty. *huff  
when we're done looking awesome, we hunt the birds.

make sure you have the right gun for the job.

make sure it's loaded.

make sure it's chambered.

spot your target.

take aim. 

and start making shooting noises!
 pew pew pew!

in case you were unaware, my kids are kind of awesome. noisy. but awesome.


  1. Boys make the best sound effects.

  2. This is so funny. I came by in response to your comment on my blog, and you'll never guess what I just posted. Pics of my little one watching the birds, lol. :D Your children are precious! Such sweet captures of them, too.

  3. Love that third one too. And seriously, I'm going to be sad when you cut his hair, LOL!


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