Saturday, January 26, 2013

bored kids

sometimes when the homeschool day ends early and the locals are bugging the mayor about this that and the other thing, you just gotta whip out something for them to do.  good thing i sometimes save random crap.

we made birdseed feeders. and hung them on the privacy fence. because we have no trees in our yard. as i've said a time or two: dumb.

gather your supplies, poke some holes, use some yarn, blah blah blah.

line them up. protective paper optional.
 lowe's is my favorite place for rolls of butcher paper.

now this part is super important:
make 'em sit there while you take a picture. 
make sure they look real bored and uninterested.

then tell them to have at it.

try to make sure there isn't too much birdseed on the pb they eat.

bed head is extra good when working with pb and birdseed.

this little project kept the kidlets busy for all of ten minutes, but they quit bugging me for a little bit. sometimes a momma just wants to drink her delicious iced latte and wash some dishes without hearing can we? am i right?

and p.s. we have weird lighting right there at the table, so these photos aren't the best technically, but they make me happy. and happy is abundant lately.

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