Saturday, January 5, 2013

client session || artist at work

my friend, she has this amazing artist for a daughter. i've seen her in action before. the girl can whip up a drawing so quick and so beautifully. i sent her a sketch book for Christmas, and i'd bet she filled the whole thing up before Christmas day ever arrived.

and y'all, she's good. like really really good. and she's nine. i've seen my boys draw, and they ain't got nothin' on her. girl has mad skillz. (yeah, i know, i can't believe i just said 'mad skillz' either).

i came home with two of her drawings this day, and i'm framing them. next time, i must remember to have her sign them so i can be all..."i knew her when..." 

i seriously want to do another art session with her. it was so fun. and now i know i've found my passion and perhaps my calling in this field of photography. real life. it's what i love.
^her silblings.

^this isn't her finished piece. i feel the need to tell you that.

i have photos of her siblings, too. but i wanted to highlight her and her talent today.

i am always in awe when i see something she has created. i love how unique God made us all. i can't draw. i can't sing. i can't dance. i can't write stories. half the time i can't even talk straight. but i can photograph. and this girl here, well, she can create art.


  1. Very cool. Young artists make me sooooo happy! I pulled out a sketchbook and my charcoal pencils the other day - for the first time in over 10 years - and I felt so much peace. I hope she never loses her passion!

  2. can I just say, OH MY GOSH. I think you and J have just inspired me to bust out my sketchbook for the first time this year.


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