Saturday, January 12, 2013

day date: 1

so one of my new year's resolutions is to take each boy out on a day date individually throughout the year. every other monday we will have our day dates. toby is off on mondays, so we are doing anything they want, within reason and budget, of course.

he chose the arcade, lunch (which was on a gift card), frozen yogurt, and a walk (which it was actually too cold for). so off we went, around 10. the arcade was first. (i took my big camera with me, but i'm the kind of person that gets nervous and has to carry my camera for a bit before pulling it out and using it in random public places). no photos of the arcade, though.

so afterwards, we walked back through the mall stopping to peruse the toys 'r us there.
  then we went to lunch on a gift card i had stashed away. we talked, we played tic tac toe, he ate peanuts.
 then froyo, then i suggested we head to goodwill to look for a shelf for our school stuff because ours is broken. we looked through tons of books there but came home empty handed.

we chatted and laughed and had so much fun. i was so happy to be able to spend time alone with him. and once i did get brave and pull out my beasty camera, i got loads of photos of him by himself. i'm so happy about that.

next time it'll be kanyon's turn. and i kinda can't wait.

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