Friday, January 18, 2013

friday's top ten 01.18.2013

1. greyson loooooves the mirror. even though he still gets confused about who he's looking at. but sadly for him, i finally found a home (and use) for the mirror. she is now a chalkboard in my kitchen and i love it so much.

the color is a little off in my kitchen photo, it's not so orange and it's a deeper red.^^

2. apparently this is his spiderman face. he was stalking me when i was taking photos of greyson.... he sloooowly walked up to me til he was basically in my face. it was humorous.

3. i lost weight, then i gained it. i got sloppy, i guess. i'm not eating bad. i think i'm drinking too much coffee lately. mostly because i sleep terribly because greyson won't sleep anywhere but my bed at night. i have a little nutella every now and then, but i haven't had sweets other than that. it's time to crack down and i'm going to start a food journal, too.

4. since i'm mom, teacher, human buffet, principal, chef, maid, and more... i decided we'd do less school this week, i cut out some subjects. we've been done by like 10:30 daily. i kinda love that. but i know i can't keep the other subjects off the table all the time.

5. i have plans to send out valentine's card this year. i missed getting my christmas cards out. hopefully i won't fail at this either.

6. we are out of everything. except tonight's dinner. i'll have to get very creative for lunch today. my plan was to grocery shop this morning before the kids got up and my honey left for work. well. greyson wasn't really letting me out of bed. hims was hungry.
^^ he's so pretty, with the bluest eyes, and the bestest hair. and he loves daddy.

7. yesterday, i also worked on getting some things up on the boys' walls. i've never really decorated their rooms properly. in this house, i have painted, and finally threw some things together for them.

mom got them the letters for christmas. i used to have this thing with black frames, so i had a ton. i spray painted them all white. the kids had a book that was missing a few pages, so i took it and cut it up to put in the frames. i made some canvases, they had artwork that i put up. the shelves i got long ago on deep clearance. everything else i had or made. so this didn't cost me a dime yesterday, other than the paint. {and i went and straightened all that crooked stuff this morning.} i love gallery/collection/collage walls like this. even if i don't really know what to call them.
8. i just can't say enough how thankful i am to be out of my post-partum depression. those days were dark. dark dark. i can only give credit to God for pulling me out. i am so thankful to feel human again, to feel like climbing out of bed, to feel like doing the dishes and the laundry and the sweeping. to feel like cooking meals for my family. to feel like a wife. i want to do these things now, i want to be a mom. i want to use my camera again. i just feel so good these days. i feel so blessed. i feel, dare i say, happy. my word for this year is joy. and i can feel real, Jesus-filled joy creeping in. i still have hard days, like yesterday, but by the end of the day, all is well. i can't get over it, it seems too good. but it isn't. it's real, i'm normal again. and the joy is threatening to take over, and with every ounce of me, i will welcome it.

9. i had to turn notifications off on my phone. i keep it nearby because i like to get quick photos (and share them) when my camera is too far away and i know i'll miss the moment otherwise. but every time my phone flashed a notification about something, i'd get lost in looking at photos, or words with friends, or facebook. so i just turned them off and plan to not browse things so much.

10. while greyson won't sleep in his bed at night (i think it's because he's cold), he will sleep in there for naps. i really love naptime. i love naptime when both babies sleep at the same time the mostest.

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