Friday, January 25, 2013

friday's top ten 01.25.2013

1. most sundays look a lot like this. football. kids. editing off and on throughout the day. and when i do, this is my view through books and a computer screen. but honestly, mostly i just watch football. or nap. i nap a lot on sundays. it's true.

2. everyday tasks make me happy these days. are you tired of my happy? i'm obviously not. i'm so thankful for how far i've come and where i am. feeling happy is so new for me still. it's like when you fall in love and you can't quit talking about your honey. i can't quit talking about the happy.

3. sweets sleeps on my bed for naps at least once a day. in the afternoon, i am able to lay down and nurse him to sleep. it's pretty much my favorite time of day. mostly because i put b down to nap right before i nurse grey to sleep. two babies sleeping at once? that's like a little slice of heaven in my day.

4. cloth napkins make me smile. especially freshly washed.

5. we have started giving jo his 30 minutes of educational app time. although, i'm pretty sure he plays other games during that time, too. but as long as he knows he gets a set time, he is very much okay to hand over the ipad with out much fuss.

6. i walked in to this scene the other day. i melted right there. a big pile of teary-eyed mush. true story. this peacefulness is such a rarity in our house.
 play dough

7. a new favorite corner of the house. our microwave went out. but we don't want another one. i put my tea stuff in the built in spot, along with my napkins. it's a happy little corner.

8. sometimes the dishwasher detergent runs out. sometimes you remember to get it at the store. sometimes, though, you don't realize you are so low, don't factor it into the budget, and just have to keep up with the dishes by hand til the next paycheck. no big. because sometimes it's rather relaxing.

9. if i say baby fever hit, would i be crazy? probably not, but don't be fooled, we're done for a while. but still. i miss carrying a baby and have already forgotten the rough time i had the last go around. so, i'm just gonna spend my time loving on this baby boy. baby grey grey. my last little prince.

10. my babies. my two littlest. they kiiiiinda melt me. i love them. i love them on my white bedding in my gray-ish room. i love how brennen always puts his head against greyson and greyson quickly reaches for that head full of soft, curly hair each and every time. and every time, b says, "my haiw." {how do you spell hair in toddler speak? i don't even know.} every time it's the same story. but it's cute and it's funny.

happy weekend friends. it's friday! and i'm so happy it is. last day of homeschool for us. *sigh. i'm always happy for friday :)



  1. I love all the photos, and I super love that you're happy again. That makes my heart smile. And, perhaps baby G is your last prince, because the next one would be a girl? :p I totally vote that you should go for a #6....but I have this thing against odd numbers.

  2. OMG Brooke! Love that one shot of you and G on the bed where he's looking at the camera! Love it! Question: is your cat licking G's blanket? Cause both my cats are crazy suckers/lickers of blankets...the boys' blankets. Weirdos. Love the pics!


I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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