Friday, January 11, 2013

friday's top ten

1. greyson pooped all over the carpet yesterday. there were poop tracks that led me right to him. he's not crawling just yet. he rolls and army crawls. as i type, he's giving woody from toy store kisses. he likes his brother's toys.

2. jonyn and brennen are fighing like little hoodlums. it's gonna give me an eye twitch.

3. school is going okay. just wishing taylan would get a move-a-long and not work so slowly.

4. i have lost 5lbs this week. i'm super excited. it's motivation to see results of my efforts. i was asked what i'm doing. i am eating less, but more often. water only, except at meals, then i drink one glass of tea. eating clean about 95% of the time. i just can't quit the mayonnaise. or the nutella. i also use agave or honey instead of sugar in my warm tea and coffee.

5. i started reading shepherding a child's heart. i love it so far. hoping greyson will cooperate tonight and i can start on the hiding place.

6. i'm a little embarrassed. you see, greyson can hold a plank longer than i can, on his hands and toes. and in case you weren't aware, B is part caveman.

7. my kids get 30 minutes of educational app time a day, so long as they do the rest of their work acceptably and timely. kanyon finished up with brain pop jr. and i asked if he wanted to help me peel potatoes for soup. on the app, it was talking about bullying, and also how to handle anger. so he starts peeling and we start talking about what he learned and this turns into a long conversation about what God desires of us, what He wants of us. it was an amazing little conversation. it made me want kitchen time with them one on one more. so i declared that they could take turns helping every other day. because usually it's both of them in there and i just get annoyed because bickering starts in and there's just too many bodies in the kitchen. so. hey, one at a time. and why i didn't think of it sooner, i just don't know.

8. most days i get up at 530 to bible read, pray, and do my shepherding devo. brennen is now the first one awake after me, like daily. he likes to wake at 630. usually the other kids will sleep til 7. it has been so nice having time with these boys not running around like wild cavemen, but instead quietly sleeping in their beds. plus, i'm not such a bear in the mornings when i have time before the others wake. i hate mornings. and if you wake up before me or right when i do, please don't talk to me, mkay?

 9. it's hard to believe greyson hit six months three days ago. he's sitting and army crawling and leaving poop stains all over the house. he's so giggly and wiggly and soft and squishy and happy and curious. i love him.

10.  i've been flaking on keeping up with my flickr ever since my hard drive bit the dust. perhaps i will do better and start keeping up with it again. so many beautiful photos lie inside the walls of flickr. so many.

happy weekend, peeps.

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  1. The kids will be jealous that Greyson got to play on the trampoline. ;)


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