Monday, January 21, 2013


last week for school, we skipped out on science, art, history, and creative writing. so when we finished everything up early one day, i read them a book and they were to draw the story. (it ended up, them drawing their favorite part. whatev, that works, too.)

 i read.

then one kid dove right in, one kid had to think.
their personalities are all over this photo.

the tongue out always helps with the thinking process.

notice the righty (the toddler).

and now he's a lefty.

all four were gathered around the table. that's my favorite, when it happens. but it didn't last long, soon they were acting like cavemen (proof to come soon) and trying to snatch up all the pencils and such.

his favorite was when momma dished out the porridge.

and his favorite was when goldilocks jumped out the [second story] window.

now i wish i had done a little free lensing. that would have been spectacular with the sunny day and the light hitting the table just right.

the finished product:
(also a phone photo)


  1. love the perspectives. especially love the first shot!

  2. this is such a great post--love it. slices of life!


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