Saturday, January 26, 2013

my stash || updated

i have now been cloth diapering for three years and eight months. nuts.

where am i at now? well. i used kawaii as my main dipe forever. but after three plus years of use and three kids later, it was finally wearing down some. leaks out of the leg a little too often caused me to check into other options. so i found some oh katy diapers on sale and had the funds, so i got them. only to hate hate hate them. they leaked straight through the waterproof layer in the front every.single.time.

so. i was told to try hemp doublers by some lovely instagram friends. i did. they are not too expensive, so i got a handful. still. leaks through the front. gah, i was so frustrated. but felt i couldn't resell them with them leaking like that. i contacted the owner, she basically said they wouldn't all be defective and i must not have prewashed them enough because they shouldn't wick and leak. friends, they weren't just wicking and seeping out the legs. they were soaking straight through the front of the diaper. i emailed her again, but never heard back. so there they sit, lonely and unused. and it's such a shame because the fit is AMAZING.
but i needed something. my kawaii's are still useable, but are showing wear and tear and don't make it through the night at all. so it was spend the dough on disposables for naps and nights or spend it on more cloth. so i looked into just some covers. oh my word, i wish i had just gone that route to begin with. flip covers were the answer, i got them on sale, once again. not too many, but enough to get through about a day and a half with the two babies. i use my kawaii bamboo inserts and kawaii microfiber together during the day (the kawaii inserts are still in amazing condition). and at night i add a hemp doubler. that's just for b. greyson doesn't require as much stuffing usually.
the reason i even got flips was because one came free with my hemp doubler order. i tried it and loved it. that was like a try before you buy experience. i wish everything in life was try before you buy. well. most everything. i'd keep my honey and kids regardless. heh.

so. before greyson was born, we received some charlie banana diapers as a shower gift. they are pockets as well. but, the fit is great and with their microfiber insert plus a hemp doubler, greyson has no problems with them. a leak here and there from me waiting too long to change him, but that's with any diaper. i love these, love the fit, and unlike some, i actually like the bra strap like adjustments. they are hidden and make it feel less bulky.  plus some of the colors and prints they have are pretty rad.
i still use a planet wise hanging wet bag for dirties. but i did have to get a new one. i used the other so much and it go so heavy so often the the handle broke off of it. now i have a super cute owl print. it's the small things, people.

i also still use wool dryer balls. only i had to get some that were not the rolled kind. yes, that's technical speak for you. so the ones i have don't unravel.

i have switched detergents since my last post. we moved over a year ago and i had sooo many problems with ammonia and a general stench from my diapers. i thought it was my front loader. but it wasn't. (even still, i much more love a top loader). i was using rockin' green diaper soap, which worked great until the move. so i tried some charlie's soap. still the same. boo. i even tried adding washing soda and a few other tricks i had looked up. nada. they were still stanky.

so after much hesitation, i switched to tide (from the grocery store), and never looked back. the cloth diaper community is split on using tide versus cloth diaper soap. but it works here in oil country with it's terrible, hard water. i also have to give my pretties a bleach bath every now and then. i have only had to do so once last january and once this january, now that i think about it. so i'm just gonna say the tide rocks my diaper world.

also, when i found out greyson was on his precious little way, i invested in a diaper sprayer.  best.thing.ever. i knew i'd be using it for three more years, so i was okay spending the cash on it. i get my money's worth every single time i don't have to dunk and drip it everywhere. it was a hot mess before. now, it's only a mild mess on occasion.

and lastly, my wipee situation is this: baby wash rags with a pump of baby soap under hot water right before a change. simple. i keep them by the kitchen sink.

i'm so happy i made the switch to cloth. now, so many of the disposables, even the "natural" or "organic" ones, make my babies break out or turn bright red. it's mostly after a few weeks of using only sposies non-stop.

cloth is what works for us, and i'm happy to be using for my babies. it may not be everyone's cuppa tea. but it certainly is mine.

please note: this is not a sponsored post, simply my opinion on and experience with products i have personally used. the end.

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  1. I'm sorry that you had such crummy customer service with the oh katy diapers. I don't like it when people don't stand behind their products, plus it's a huge waste of money to buy diapers that don't work.

    So happy that you've found something that you love now though. And I'm with you, I wish more things in life were try before you buy.

    We've been using cloth since the day we brought our littlest one home with us last summer, and I love it! I don't have any purchased diapers, as all of ours are hand made by me, but fortunately we've never experienced leaks. I need to get to working on some bigger fitteds (for night time dipes), because the ones she has are getting on the small side.


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