Saturday, January 12, 2013

scavenger hunt sunday 01.13.2013

hello! welcome to muh space. here are my thoughts on this week's prompts. enjoy :) {and join in, too!}

1. outside
staring at the birds outside the window.
(also, he's a boy. his hair and pretty face usually have people asking.)

2. backside
baby bum in cloth.
see also: rolls over the dipe.

3. little things
the little things make up my everyday. 
little things like folding diapers and sipping hot tea.
and truly, the little things, the everyday ordinary are so full of beauty.

4. a cup of...
iced latte sprinkled with cinnamon

5. reflect
baby is still trying to figure the guy that keeps moving on the other side of the glass.

 thank you for stopping and looking and reading.
join us?


  1. Such a great set this week. I really love the light in that first shot. She is adorable.

  2. Lovely hunt. I think I can't choose which one I love best, but if I had to I choose your "Outside" and "Backside" shots.

    Have a great Sunday.

  3. I'm glad to read others were missing the linky also. And just now two of your pixs didn't show up - until a few minutes after the others. I'm wondering what's going on.
    Love your little one looking in the mirror!

  4. These are great! Your little guys are so adorable!

  5. Great shots! Love the rolls on the little guy!

  6. oh my - five boys!! {bet you never heard that before!!} Love your set of shots - the first one is so wonderful, all that lovely light and that cherub face! I also love little things...That you feel calm enough to capture that calm shot is wonderful. I'm sure it's your heart to truly embrace the beauty in the little things that gets you many more moments like that than perhaps many of us would notice.

  7. I find myself wondering how you find time for photography with 5 boys! Your photos are gorgeous.....especially that first one. Such wonder on his cute, little face!

  8. LOVE your photos! What sweet little moments in time!

  9. These are such beautiful photos - and kids, especially your little boy staring out the window. Stopping by from the Scavenger Hunt!

    Meg @

  10. What a wonderful set of shots - especially love backside!

  11. I love how your pictures convey the beauty of seemingly normal / average daily events. That first shot is priceless.

  12. Oh my goodness these are all fabulous and so creative!

    I love the little girl peeking outside and of course the baby is adorable!

    Happy hunting next week!:-)

  13. Your shots are wonderful! Your children are beautiful. What a full life you have. Im so glad to have found your blog. Cant wait to see more.

  14. These photos are beautiful, the last one is so precious.

  15. Your boys are ADORABLE! Those chubby little legs... oh dear!!! Such lovely captures.

  16. Oh my goodness! That reflect shot is too adorable!

  17. Love the cloth diapered bum! We use to use Fuzzi Bunz and Bum Genuis. I love them.

  18. thank you so much everyone! i very much appreciate your sweet words :) and i just wanted to say that that first shot is my fourth boy :) poor kid has been called a girl since he was born. i mean, he is pretty, but definitely a boy!

  19. I really love your backside shot and the reflect shot.

  20. Super cute! Love your sweet babies' faces!


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