Sunday, January 20, 2013

scavenger hunt sunday 01/20/2013

hello friends. my choices this week maaaaay be a little stretched. see, i'm a mom. who homeschools. and also has preschooler, toddler, and baby. also, we only have one vehicular. so. i don't get out much.

so let's get to it then.

and p.s. i'm pretty sure i checked nearly everyone's hunts out last week. you guys are awesome and i thought you should know :)

1. basket
the bottomless basket

2. park
when spiderman is on, you park your booty in one spot and zone out.

3. auto
star wars auto[mobile].

4. recycle
kids had a book that was illustrated by eric carle that had pages missing.
so i took the book apart to use as art for the boys' walls.

5. people watching
this is me, people watching my peoples. all six of them.
and when you have five kids, 
watching them is just as strange as actual people watching sometimes.
true story.

thank you for looking and reading and checking out my boring life :)


  1. Love the basket shot and the honesty behind it. Ours is the exact same way! :)

  2. Fun set. I love how intent the kids are "parked" in front of Spiderman!
    Recycle is very clever.

  3. I just love you Brooke. That is all.

  4. I can only imagine with the people watching how entertaining a family of 5, er, 6 kids can be. I love your recycle idea and can completely relate to the bottomless pit of the laundry basket (and I only have 2 kids... one of which is away at college most of the time...still!!). Great group of shots.

  5. boring life - sure! I love what you did with the book - recycling the pictures. They all are good shots!

  6. the eric carle idea is great! my brown bear book has a page that is UPSIDE down. now wonder I found it in the thrift store :) i think it gives it character and fun for the kids! great art wall, again, brooke!

  7. That laundry beast must be related to the hydra. Great job.


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