Friday, January 11, 2013

seven on ten? jan. 2013

so you see, it was the eve of the tenth. my camera memory card was cleared off and batteries charged. i was fully prepared for the tenth. the house was clean, as it usually is of late.

then i woke up on the tenth. i sat at our school table. we did school. we did lunch. but this nagging feeling hung over me all morning. then it hit me. {!} ah crap. ten on ten. yes, yes, that is why i cleared my card and charged my battery. it's totally ten on ten and i totally forgot.

i remembered just after lunch and decided to start at one. then after all the kids were in bed, i showered and started reading a book and fell asleep before ten.

so. here are the seven hours i did get. my seven on ten.

after lunch sillies. can you spot all five boys?
see also: real life is messy.

an hour later, the book worm reads.
and the baby keeps on keepin' on.

educational app time for the three year old.

momma let the boys watch netflix while the babies napped. 
so momma gets to read. or paint her nails.
(i chose reading)

after dinner dishes. it was a one dish wonder. so bowls only. and a pot.

then early showers and chores done and good boys adds up to a little tv before lights out.

i threw a pile of dipes on the table thinking i'd fold them. 
i didn't.

and then i showered. and fell asleep.

next month, however, i'll set a stinkin' alarm on my phone or something.

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I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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