Thursday, January 24, 2013

simple moments :: week 11

it's really a mundane task. but i do it not for me, but for them. in my cold cold garage. well, it's not so bad with these spring like temperatures.
but when it's cold outside, it's freezing in there, so i go out and do laundry even when i dread it. for us, for them, for him. i wear my clothes more than one day in a row. {and now you know.} so my clothes don't pile up as fast as everyone else's. but that's okay, i don't mind doing the laundry.
usually when i'm folding i think about how cute my kids look in them.
i see the holes in the knees of pants from hard play.
i see blessing after blessing.
i think about how grateful i am.
mundane, sure. any less important? no. there is value in what i do day in and day out. laundry may not be on the list of fun, but it's necessary. and not just so, but also important. valuable.
sometimes i feel under-appreciated. those are the moments i must remember that i am the servant. that i serve them. that i serve Him. and that i don't need that shower of thanks or great jobs. i just need to remember that i do all this for the glory of God. to serve my family, without so much grimace, is serving God.
someday there will not be so many tiny pieces of clothing to wash dry fold.
someday they'll move on and out.
someday they won't need me to care for them.
someday i'll be the mom they see on their terms.
but for now. i get to serve them and wash their tiny pieces of clothing.

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  1. Love the "from inside the dryer" perspective!
    And I already miss washing cute little baby onesies. :-/ Now it's just big six year old clothes.

  2. Amen. Couldn't have come at a better time. I have piles of dirty laundry waiting for me.


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