Thursday, January 31, 2013

simple moments :: week 12


oh this.

i never want to forget.

sometimes, when all the schoolwork is finished. when all the chores have been completed promptly and properly. when they took care of their business from the morning. when they have been sweet.

sometimes, i let them curl up in my bed and watch a movie. sometimes two.

two today because the neighbors are getting a new roof and the workers can see in our backyard.

jo always has his hands in one of his brothers' hair.
b always has his baby and thumb.
kanyon is always bumped up against someone.
taylan just sits back and chills.

they all sit and watch in peace. it's a little like they love each other, no?

and it allows me to accomplish some things, too. especially when the baby is peacefully napping a few feet away.
i love these boys. i love them all. each baby is different. each one with their own personality and quirks.

but i love that they can all sit together calmly. nicely. on our bed. the bed that comforts all. the bed that makes all boys in our home happy. the bed that fits them all for now.

i heart them real big.

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