Friday, January 4, 2013

simple moments :: week 8

you guys. something is going on with greyson and i just can't figure out what. perhaps he's turning to co-sleeping? i have basically listened to all my boys' sleeping cues when it comes to sleeping. so far, only one baby, the awesome jo jo, has been a true co-sleeper. kanyon was a part time co-er. like, he'd go to bed in his own bed and would end up in our bed every.single.night til he was four. taylan was easy at bedtime, he liked his bed. and b was even easier, he just liked to sleep in general.

i've literally been getting 3-4 hours of sleep at night, if. he's just up, eating a lot, waking up as soon as i put him in his own bed after a snack. i'm a human pacifier at times. so i'm having so much trouble sleeping. and i used to be able to sleep while he nursed, but i had a milk blister, it popped, and it won't fully heal. so i'm pretty much in pain when he nurses for those middle of the night wake ups.

okay, now that i've complained to ya, here's what i have this week, what i loved and never ever wanna forget.

daddy and he's fourth boy. the spastic little ball of energy in this family, that one is. he never stops and he is always happy. always.

he brought the mini magnadoodle to daddy to proudly show off his monster truck sketch. who knows what it looked like, but to b, it was a monster truck. so daddy drew more for him until he was ready to jump down and bounce around.

i love daddy's hands. i love b's sweet happy face just watching. i love how b is nestled into dad. i've seen the boys just melt into their daddy's lap many a time. it makes me melt.

ps... sorry i'm late on this yet again. life happens, ya know? i think i just need to do it all on wednesday's and have it auto post on thursday, huh?

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  1. So, um... is that light reflecting off of Toby's head or gray hairs? Just curious. ;)


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