Thursday, January 10, 2013

simple moments :: week 9

oh hey there. whatcha doin'?

me? oh, just listening to kids whine and fight like it's nobody's business today. trying to not get mean about it all. i'm also sitting here with a slow as ever kid watching him do his work. it's a little like watching paint dry. and now i'm listening to the baby wake up right as i sit to do this. but i'm not complaining. it's just what's happening around here right now.

sometimes my kids don't fight. sometimes they ask me to do stuff with them. a lot, i say not right now.

then. i just said yes. because why not, they are only kids once and i need to say yes more and i need to be more of a participant in the things i find so little but they find so big. so a game we played. twice. then another game.

we laughed. and we thought hard. and we talked. we got along. and just hung out and spent time. and i don't want to forget that these simple little moments that i think don't mean a lot, they actually mean the world to my kids. how often i forget.


baby cakes thought the bag was neat toy.

it was fun. it really was. and i plan to do things like this with them more often.

simple moments :: past weeks

also, today was ten on ten. and i remembered last night and cleared of my memory card. then this morning, i could not remember why i cleaned off my card to save my life. it finally dawned on me about noon. i'm so sad i'm not participating today. maybe i'll start now. it's only one.

will join me in looking for the little moments that matter in your every day? i'd love a link to your post in the comments.

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