Sunday, January 13, 2013

six month baby.

please note: post is photo heavy. 

 i mean... when it's your own kid, who you find utterly perfect and adorable, how do you narrow it down? how do decide which few to put on your blog? if you know, do tell. because i haven't figured out how to not show you the cuteness of my kid.

exhibit a: see the rump? i melt.  but i love them both. 

i love how he's looking sideways and down here.
but this one. i love how he's look straight and down and his ears are all out there and cute.
see my dilemma?

exhibit b: he has so many faces, it's hard to choose which one is better.

exhibit... okay, i could go on with this. but i won't make you read it all. 
just look at my cute kid, mokay?

but i do love this one. headless photos make me swoon. is that weird?
also, moobs on babies is the bestest.
and then he falls and looks at me like it's my fault.

this one is a favorite, for sure.

no, still not fully crawling.
but the rolls!

another favorite right here.

um. this face is totally an everyday face. 
and it could possibly be my favorite.

here's your proof that my kid can hold a plank.

so hey. that's my six month old chub a lub of a baby. and sure it was overloaded with photos. but it's my blog, so i'm the boss. i kid, i kid. no i don't.


  1. oh my what a chunka munka, he is absolutely squishably adorable. I want to squeeze him!! I would have trouble choosing too but if i had to, i would go with the ear pic as my fave.

  2. Beautiful photos, so so chubby. Love a squishy baby tush.

  3. Loving the rolls AND the black diaper cover. Wish I had black when I was doing diapers. The best I got besides white was pink for the girls. I thought those were fancy. I'm sure it's a whole new diapering world now. :)

  4. So, for real? I can totally see why you've got 5 boys. :D

    You've captured him just perfectly here.


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