Thursday, February 7, 2013

simple moments :: week 13

brennen starts screaming because jo has bitten him again. he bit him because b had the book but jo wanted it. jonyn is three. he knows better, but chooses to bite anyways. it's this part of childhood i will never understand. i'm sure i was the same way.
they know better, but do it anyways. perhaps it's the lack of self control these little people possess. whatever it be, it's just a bit frustrating. but you with little ones know, right?
these two bicker constantly. i am always saying, "now tell him you're sorry. hug. kiss. thank you. now be nice." pretty much just like that.
so when jonyn pulled down a shelf that i just said not to touch, what could i do when i walked in and the first words out of his mouth, "i so sowwy, mom." nothing, but hug him, kiss him, say it's okay, but next time it would be better to listen to what momma says.
you guys, they really do fight a lot. sometimes we even have to pause our school day because the fighting and screaming is so loud. it can be stressful. but we power through. say sorry. hug. kiss. move on.
when they aren't fighting, they do things together and copy each other.
jonyn climbs up on the bench at the breakfast bar while i'm lesson planning and starts playing with my hair. he's being super kissy face, kissing my arm, shoulder, hair, cheek, nose. so b climbs up on my other side. he is now being kissy face, kissing me on the other side. it's sweet and precious. and all i can do is pour out thank yous and your so sweets. and it was sweet.
fight with each other. or copy each other. it's the way of brothers a year and a half apart. apparently. i love them. and when they are sweet, it is super precious. super. that, i soak in with everything in me. because i know it won't last long til the beating each other down starts.
one day, when they're big enough, instead of biting and hitting and throwing toys, i'm pretty sure they will be throwing each other around on the floor, punching, and using words to express their unhappiness.
brothers. boys. they fight. but can quickly get over it again and be bestest buds again.
i do love that about having boys.

edited to add: i pretty much forgot to do my simple moments post for the week, so i'm making this it.

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  1. Oh, this sounds so familiar! I'm actually working on a post about this same thing with my little 'monkeys in the middle,' Aubrie and Aiden. Seems like I'm pulling those two apart all day long and when I'm not, they're being best buds.

    Hey, don't know if you saw it, but I did my first week of Simple Moments (finally, lol!).

  2. HA! I'm too familiar with this. We don't have the biting problem, but the punching? Lord have mercy!


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