Tuesday, February 12, 2013

crying like a baby {just write}

some days are just like that. baby won't nap in his bed unless he's already nursed or been rocked to sleep.

some days it's easy to just go with it and hug the crap out of him and let him nurse forever and rock him back and forth.

some days, i really have other children to tend to. such is life. life for a momma with five boys, almost 10 down to 7 months.

if i can keep from it, i don't let him cry it out. okay, i never let him cry it out. but sometimes, i will let him cry for, like, a minute while i change another mister's stinky diaper. then i scoop him up and continue on with the rocking and nursing and hugging. and kissing of course. there's a lot of chin chub that requires a large amount of kissing. daily. hourly.

thankfully he's a baby and there's that immediate unspoken forgiveness that he doles out in the form of a deep deep sigh and his face nestled into my neck.

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  1. Oh, wow. Absolutely precious. I respect your Mommying five so close together. That is how my Mom was with us... She told me once you hit three you might as well just keep going! LOL.

    I so understand the "unspoken forgiveness" from a baby to Mommy. I wish adults would give and receive forgiveness that easily!

    I'm visiting from Just Write. Here is a link to my piece if you would like to visit.

  2. What an adorable crying baby he is! I used CIO and although it was tough, as you know, it can work. Glad to have found you via Just Write!


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