Monday, February 4, 2013

day date: 2 + 3

{every other monday, i take a different boy out for a day date 
with mom with the outing of his choice
(as long as it's within budget)} 

two weeks ago, i took kanyon out for breakfast. kid loves some breakfast. we were supposed to also go test out his christmas gift, a skateboard. but geez it was cold. and we had plumbers coming to the house. so we had to cut our day short. but he will get a little extra time on his next turn.

so. breakfast we had. it was fun, even if it was just a simple breakfast. we did all the kids meal paper games, chatted, and just enjoyed our time together.

 today, i took out jonyn. we just went to the park after lunch. it was such a pretty day. and i am plumb worn out. oh geez, he had a ton of fun, as did i, but whew, i'm so tired.

he has a huge imagination, so we played and played and played and went all over that little park. he was the boss, i just followed and chased and snapped a million photos. i had fun. he had fun. he grinned so big. he's not a super excitable child, in fact, he is my most serious of boys, so he doesn't show excitement as much as the others. but he was so happy today.

then we went to sonic and got the mini size chocolate shakes. i love that they have that tiny little size.

 this was the "spider web" behind the giant spider. he kept wanting to go back to it. 
and i think he reeeeally wanted to climb on it,
but that's as far as he got.
i think he felt a little intimidated by it.
maybe next time.
my bug boy was in a little piece of heaven.

both days were great days. but today, i am so worn out, i will probably just fall into bed tonight. i am so tired! keeping up with a three year old is no easy task for this plus size old lady.

thanks for bearing with me during this long post :)

peace out.

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