Friday, February 8, 2013

friday's top ten 02.08.2013

well first of all, i have been trying to do this post since yesterday. i have sick kids, mostly the baby. that should sum why it's evening on friday and it's just now done. work a little here, a little there, right?

 {a phone keeps a kid who rolls with every diaper change from rolling. well sometimes}

1. my sweet wittle babes is seven months old today. crazy train. seriously. he still crawls everywhere. and still jumps wildly in the doorway jumper when he gets in there. he also has his silly face i'm trying to capture on camera again. i've been trying to open the back door for light. but, instead of making the face or smiling sweetly, he darts for the door. typical boy, wanting to go outside.
 {fully aware the above is overexposed. i know the rules, therefore, i can break them}

2. yesterday, jonyn woke up, went from laying on the ground in one place to laying on the ground in another. he's been kinda stuffy, like, he's been sounding like something is just stuck in his throat for nearly a week. well. after all the ground laying, he requested oatmeal. i warmed the tea kettle, made his breakfast. he ate. and a few minutes later, every bit of breakfast came right back up. y'all, i don't do well with puke. but hey, i managed to make it through the clean up. miracle, i tell you. then he watched a movie and soon acted like nothing had ever happened.

3. we are cutting back on some of our smaller expenses that have added up. one being netflix. today is the last day. *sniffle. i might cry. for serious.

4. the tenth is two days away. i nearly missed my ten on ten last week. someone email me or text me at like 6am that it's the tenth and to take my hourly photo, mkay? also, you should join. yes you should. even if you don't blog about it, just take the ten consecutive photos every hour and you'll be glad you did.
ten on ten button

5. i've become a bit of a tea drinker. around november, i became just another coffee addict. my favorite is iced coffee with vanilla almond milk and agave over ice sprinkled with cinnamon. lately, though, i do enjoy my tea. i even started giving it to the boys. peppermint tea with honey in the morning for the wake up effect peppermint has. sleepytime vanilla at night, you know, for obvious reasons. and cinnamon spice or chai are my favorites right now.
{hey ma! i got dis phone!}

6. homeschooling. last year, about this time, i sat down and planned out the rest of the year. usually, i only plan one week at a time. but. i like to make sure we will get all of what we need to finish finished up. looks like we will be done when i hoped. last day of school for us will be may 3rd. and the only subject we are having to double up on is history. but we're just going from doing it twice a week to four times a week. that's cool with me.
{that did not end well for the wee babe}

7. my middle name is elizabeth. and i actually like my whole name. that's one of those random in case you didn't know things.
{if only you could squish those hammy thighs, too}

8. i have lost 11 pounds. pretty sure i won't hit my goal. but i'm working on it. i haven't had any pop since january 3rd. i don't eat much sugar at all. not counting our superbowl party shindig thing, i have cut back on my portions. i drink lots of water. it's a slow process for me, with my thyroid problems and lack of exercise and not having those genes that make you automatically thin.

9. last night, greyson had many firsts. first solids: a blended banana with a bit of water. first clap. oh my dear, sweetest thing EVER. and first time in his crib. i just sat him down in it at first to let him feel it out. uh, yeah, he was all cheery and smiley and that's when he clapped. still. oh my, i melt from the cute. it was so precious. BUT he cried til almost 2am, and i first thought it was a tummy issue from the teensy bit of bananas i gave him last night. now that he had a second cry fest today, i think it might be ear related. totally gonna squirt some breastmilk in his ears. i'm pretty sure it's a cure-all.

10. i told my dear husband that for mother's day this year, i want to learn to crochet. and for my birthday in june, i want front and back screen doors. i'm a practical girl. crocheting is practical because it's like instant (ok, it might take awhile to actually make something, but knowing you can is what makes it instant) gifts for anytime.
 {i'm kinda laughing at him having his neck jutted out like that}

i hope your weekend has started out great. i may be a stay at home mom, but dude, as a homeschooling mom, i'm so glad it's friday.

peace out.

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  1. Yes, 10 on 10! You remind me, or I'll remind you, or maybe one way or another we can both get this thing done!

    Always love your Friday top 10, someday you're going to treasure all these little details you've written of your baby years.


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