Friday, February 15, 2013

friday's top ten 02.15.2013

1. i totally didn't do "simple moments" this week. yesterday was not exactly a great day. it was a tough day. a very tough day. so. next week, we'll make sure to bring it back.

2. i feel sick. wah. i can't wake up in the mornings, even when i fall asleep early. and i'm exhausted all day. this headache acts like a permanent resident. and the stupid throat stuff and cough is happening. blah.

3. let me know if you are on instagram. i'd love to follow you. i am @brookeechambers.

4. our taxes are complete. but because we added insulation to our home and claimed it, they aren't looking at our return yet. so it'll be a couple weeks til we see our moneys. sad day.

5. my sweet honey went to the store on his way home from work yesterday, then cooked us all steaks for dinner. i so love that man.

6. without God, i would be a hot mess. i mean, seriously, it would be ugly. i would not be a pleasant human being, i'm pretty sure.

7. i try to dress the little ones, but why. they just take everything off later, anyways. or poop on it. in which case, the clothes still come off. i mean greyson stays dressed. because our tile is cold and that kid is everywhere.

8. speaking of baby greysons and all. he started pulling up. i sit in the floor just so he can use me to pull his chubby self up. also, he growls now. humorous.

9. the toddler and preschooler of the house won't.stop.fighting. i'm losing my mind over this right now.

10. my biggest, um, how shall we say it. annoyance? frustration? oh my geez moment? in homeschooling is the constant, i dropped my pencil for the eleventy millionth time and it takes me twenty minutes to find it oh wait it's still on the table. friends, totally had to get that off my chest.

and because i can't not have a photo, 
here's where i put my tea wreath. cute, right?

enjoy your weekend, peeps.


  1. I give Andrew 3 drops of a pencil. If he drops it more than 3 times, he doesn't get a break. It has worked because since then! But i understand the frustration! I hope you get to feeling better!


I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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