Wednesday, February 13, 2013

selfies: i used my hands.

when i took selfies the other day, {yes, i took a lot} i decided to think outside of the camera-in-hand-at-arm's-length box. (please go to the previous post to read about my feelings during the selfies).

i took some momma and boy selfies. then i took some more of just myself. i repeat: i felt vain. but also, i felt free from my own criticism once i figured out a good way to position my self.
i decided to use my hands a lot for these.

holding a book, moving my hair. and there's more of me holding a blanket. would it be too much of brooke if i posted those later?

anyways, i kinda felt confident. but it's also hard to remember those things you tell your clients when it comes to posing. it's different when it's yourself and you can't see through the viewfinder.
really i was just doing something i do everyday. i had my Jesus calling. (ok, that isn't everyday, but scripture is, and this was handy and makes me think of what i do everyday. and has scripture in it).
also, my bangs are out of control right now. in that place where they cover my eyes, but won't tuck behind my ear.

then i put my hands in my hair. not a bad result either. i still cant get over the unbelievable light. crazytrain.
this one below is probably my favorite. i mean, maybe i could have smiled more during these? i dunno. i kinda like how they are, really.

although, i kinda like this one below quite a lot, too. it's still hard to believe i actually like so many of these. a few i love. nuts.

again, grab your camera and take some selfies that aren't your usual. you'll be glad you did.

thanks for putting up with all the me this week, friends.


  1. Wow that last photo is stunning!

  2. Wow that last photo is stunning!

  3. I've never seen so much of you!! You look AMAZING!!!!!

  4. My favorite of these is the one of you looking right at the camera! Beautiful.


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