Saturday, February 9, 2013

your regular dose of grey

i just know you were dying to see more greyson cuteness. so here you go.

he is one chubby baby. i adore it. i squish it. i kiss it. i chomp it. i blow raspberries on it. and that's just on the chin and cheek chub.

the leg and belly chub just gets pinched a million times a day.

also, he is not at all cutting teeth yet, promise. he's just like all other babies and likes to chew.

when people ask, i always want to say chewing does not equal teeth cutting, mkay?

i'm also one of those people that does not believe that runny dipes + fevers are from teeth cutting either. true story. and no, you won't convince me otherwise.

okay okay, here's baby greyson, who, by the way, was s e v e n months old yesterday. unbelievable. my newborn is full blown infant. it must be time for another.

i kid, i kid. no more babies. i think.

1 comment:

  1. Now this will put a smile on your face!!! LUCKY you!!!! 5 little boys! how wonderful ~ What a wonderful blog you have. I'm a new member! :)


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