Wednesday, March 6, 2013

a fish tale.

So sometime in the night, I'm thinking early morning, we....well, I heard a crash. I just knew it was the cat without having to get up, so I didn't. I mean, I am already pretty sleep deprived with Greyson not breathing well with his snot nose and waking up a million times a night.

Lately, we've had our little fish in an old pickle jar, a small hamburger pickle size one. He's a Beta and doesn't do anything but lay on the bottom of his tank. He was in a tank with a filter and all that, and Toby thought that was why he was acting as he was. I mean, we even put a warmer in there, but it didn't change his behavior.

So said jar with fish was on the window sill above the sink, no lid. I also have some seeds in water in open containers up there. Momma Cat likes to jump up there and drink the water. She's weird and won't really drink from her water unless it is just been refilled fresh.

This morning, things went about as usual, boys made their breakfast, we had devotions, dad went to work. It was only after he had been gone nearly an hour did I notice the pickle jar was in the sink.


"Get me a flashlight, boys!!"

I peeked in the disposal and saw Bluey the Fish laying in there. I told the Taylan his fish was dead and told the kids not to use that side of the sink. (don't worry, I didn't sound that callous). I got school going, and milled around a bit, then went about trying to dig the fish out. because. you know. a fish in a disposal. not awesome.

I decided on tongs as my tool of choice. Grabbed the flashlight. Dug around.

and then the fish jumped. "we've got a live one, people!"

Apparently, he managed to survive on the standing water in the disposal for many, many hours. I was shocked and amazed. And relieved because it seems that another animal was promised if this one died. (I'm over having pets at this stage in life. I just wanna grow and care for the babies I've birthed right now).

I did my best to try and get him out. But to no avail. So I texted Toby the good news and the bad news. He was in staff at the time, but came home when the meeting was over and managed to fish Bluey out. ha! ha! haaaa! I'm hilarious. But seriously, it took a little time and ultimately a measuring spoon/cup thing and the spoon part of salad tongs, and then he was free.

Dad saves the day. And that is the first time in my life I have ever had a fish saved from a disposal after living on top of some water for hours and surviving. I mean, it amazes me that new things can still happen around here, ya know?


  1. You know what I would have done, right? I woulda flipped that disposal on and sent him on his way without ever knowing he was still alive. How on earth could he survive in there like that? Crazy.

    This: "and managed to fish Bluey out" Truly, you ARE hilarious!

  2. omg this cracked me up! This is a super fish you got there!


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