Tuesday, March 5, 2013

day date: 4 + 5

I took Baby B out for his Mommy Date two weeks ago. Oh, that kid is just as exhausting and bubbly and energetic and bouncy and happy outside of the home as he is inside the home.

 We went to eat (on a gift card) and just keeping him entertained was a whole big thing. And I was quickly reminded of why we never take all the children out to eat anymore. Because we have so many, that there's bound to be one who can't sit still and wants to pester the people in the booth behind us and wants to stuff his face with everysinglepieceofbread left on the table and wants to climb under the booth and oh my geez, that kid is busy. cute. but busy.
Afterwards, we went to play at the park. It was a holiday, so it didn't take long for all the other mommas to bring their kids. It was not fun trying to tear him away from the play things. But I had to, because bigger, much bigger, kids were playing tag all over the equipment and B was nearly trample more than once. Even with promise of a mini-size chocolate shake, kid didn't want to leave. I drug him. or dragged him. no. i drug 'im. there. that's right.
I sho did, I drug his fluffy-butt bee-hind out of there screaming. And then a Sonic shake made it all better. of course.
And yesterday, I took Taylan out again (I forgot my camera). Geez. He's my kid. We found an old school bookstore. Like a legit bookstore, and rummaged through it for a while, bought some lovely, old, used books. Then we hit up the library and meandered through there for a while and came home with a few books from there, too.

And then, the local nursery for some herbs and a bitty baby aloe vera plant. That, of course, led to stopping at Target for some ninety-nine cent and one dollar pots for our cute plants. side note: if you have never sniffed a mint plant of the chocolate variety, do yourself a favor and find one to sniff. Oh heavens, it smells amazing. I can't wait to put it in my water. (I drink a lot of water. always with cucumber + mint + a fruit, lately with a pear).

We had a good little day date today. It was my kind of day. Books + Plants. Plants that I hope not to kill. Seriously, I'm terrible at the plant growing thing. Mayhaps this is the year I don't kill our plants? (mayhaps is my new favorite word, yo. it matters not if it makes sense).

I love our Mommy-Boy day trips. The best.

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