Friday, March 22, 2013

friday's top ten 03.23.2013

hello. hi. hey. what up. yo.

good morning.

1. lunch time is one of the few moments of peace and harmony and all around calm in our days.

2. he's not really all that big on people food. er, table food. solids. whatevs. he likes momma's milk. and it's not like the lack of table foods is keeping him from growing. he's a little chubby chubster.

3. the happiest kid i ever did see. the smallest little things make him endlessly happy. i want more of what he has.

4. seriously, ya'll? i am so incredibly thankful for this trampoline. both for the hilarity of brennen being on it and for the pure entertainment that it provides for the boys.
 oh gracious, these make me laugh every time.

5. saturday mornings.

6. sink baths are my favorite. poor kid is number five and that means baths are, like, once a week. unless a whole bottle of breastmilk dumps on us both because the lid wasn't on right and we get soaked. that for sure means the baby gets bathed.

7. i kid not when i say always.
 8. tea. a favorite. a regular part of my day.

9. i love when all the kids make it into the top ten for the week.

10. this crazy things happens when you start being intentional about spending quiet time with the Lord and praying consistently... when you miss a day. or two. you miss Him. like you would miss your kids or family or spouse. only you miss Him more. i missed a few days because of Greyson being sick and awake til 3am one night, then waking up a bunch the next night. and I thought about how much I missed Him but could never find the time to sit quietly without disruption during the day. (which is probably no real excuse, but.) Greyson hates bedtime. so basically, i am with kids until the moment i fall asleep because he needs to nurse to crash at night. and that's why i get up early, by the way. even though i hate mornings. but i'm a better mom when i can wake before them and pray and explore the bible.

happy weekend. enjoy your family, rest, rejuvenate, spend time with the One who saved you.

a cranky mom. who needs Jesus more today.


  1. You are literally killing me with all of the cuteness.

  2. those bath pics are SO cute of G! Awww! And hooray for putting all 5 in there!


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