Friday, March 29, 2013

friday's top ten 03.29.2013

1. Easter is two days away. I haven't done a single thing for the kids. And I won't get a chance. Call me a bad mom. Or call us a one car family with a daddy who works extra long (like he was home at 11pm last night) hours preparing for Easter at the church. He's a hard working man and I love that about him.

2. I was so backed up on laundry that I ran myself out of clean underwear. I'm nearly caught up now. One might say to just buy more undies. But, see, I just cleaned out my drawers in order to pare down and trashed a bunch of old ones. So no, I won't buy more. But now I'm caught back up. again.

3. I feel like I should blog more. But I don't have the words to say. I can't find what I want to say. I'm hoping once we finish up homeschooling for the year, I can jump back in to it with both feet.

4. I watched Vegucated as I mentioned in my last post. I thought it was simply going to be about three New Yorker's journeys into veganism. It was a lot more than that. And I went full on Vegan that day. I have my reasons, and I personally don't care what anyone else eats, but it changed me more than I thought it would. I ordered the boys pizza today and, oh geez, it smelled and looked so good. So I decided to have one slice. One. but then, when I went to take a bite. I physically. I tried more than once and I just couldn't chomp down. I wanted to. I just couldn't. The film affected me in a way I didn't expect. And if you are seriously curious, email me and I'll chat with you. Otherwise, I'm not going to say much about the actual movie.

5. I started doing yoga again. And I am finding myself craving to do it about midday. I've plateaued on my weight loss and am anxious to see results again. So I'm back to watching my portions, and doing yoga regularly.

6. This past week brought a lot of emotions about parenting. It was hard and sweet and fun and hard. I'm having trouble with Greyson's sleep schedule and it makes me so weary. He naps great. Goes down without a fight. But at nighttime, he fights like his life depends on it. And I'm so tired by the time nighttime hits that I pray he will just give up the fight every time.

7. I will say, that going vegan and cutting out processed foods, including sugar, gluten, and fast food has made my body feel a lot better. Yes, I'm tired by bedtime, but I feel so good during the day. I even have more energy as long as I have gotten a few hours of sleep the night before. I seriously feel so much better. My body loves me more now.

8. Greyson hates baby food. I skipped the baby food stage originally because I hate it. And I'm pretty confident it's not vital to a baby's well being. We went straight to table foods my toothless baby could handle. I'm trying so many things and so far he likes...

peas. and breastmilk. the end. So I went back to baby food. He hates it. So I've been giving it to Brennen and Jonyn to fight over once I see if Grey will like it.

9. I need someone to come to my house and give me a mani and pedi. My feet are neglected in every way possible and there should just be an in home service for us momma's who occasionally wanna be pampered but can't get out of the house because our honeys work so hard and we have one care and eighty kids and no nanny.

10. the end. Happy Easter. And remember why we are really celebrating. Jesus lives. He lives in my heart, where I invited him about 11 years ago. I hope you, too, have invited him into yours. Enjoy your time with family. Thank the Father for his amazing sacrifice. Love to all.


  1. Yes, in home mani/pedi sounds divine! Happy Easter friend. I'm off to see this Vegan show. ;)

  2. About #1, I don't have anything either. And, I'm not sure that I want to get anything. My kids have so much stuff already, why do they need more? I think we'll maybe put some spare change inside plastic eggs and let them do a little egg hunt, but that's it. We're trying to really decrease our spending, and I just can't justify putting out the money to buy what we don't need, even if it means my kids won't have any Easter treats.


I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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