Friday, March 29, 2013

jonyn is FOUR

somebody had a birthday recently. a cute little three year old finally turned four. those threes seems to just stretch and stretch and stretch. but then they came to a happy end when this boy got his requested chocolate cake and vanilla icing. momma made it, we all enjoyed it. (the next day i watched Vegucated and became a vegan). but anyways...

i still need to get out there and do his official four year old photos. i've been lazy. i'll say it. lazy. well, maybe that's not the right word. i've been putting it off. and forgetting. and taking care of the house. and the family. and stuff like that. so, definitely been putting off the photos. but i need to get on it because before long, we'll have another birthday. and i'll then have a ten year old. and that makes me feel a bit older.

but back to jo. oh. i love him and his quirkiness and his seriousness and the way he talks and the way he pretends to be a cat only after he strips down to his big boys (undies). i love how he plays with my hair. i love how he kisses and hugs so often. i love how he giggles. i love how he has a mind of his own. i love him. i love that he is the one kid that actually looked like i did at his age.

happy birthday to my sweet four year old.
these are my favorite candle blowing photos i have ever shot of the boys.
he tried several times. he got one. then kept on going.
oh hey, finally. (also, ^ that one on the right? favorite.)
so after the candles, we did gifts. but first i got a few shots of them all. then brennen took off his party hat and hilarity ensued.
oh, hey, b, good job putting that party hat back on.
also, jo's face it the best.

that, my friends, is a happy jonyn. his favorite gift was a two-fer. 
it was two of his favorite things in one amazing gift. spiderman and an airplane.
mad greyson, right here.
then b attempts to fix his hat.
good work, buddy.

Jo Jo, we swore up and down we'd never call you Jo Jo. but i can't imagine you being anything else. mom and dad love you to the moon and back and are so grateful for what you have brought into our lives. it's been a difficult journey, but you were made for our family. you are perfectly made by the Maker, and i am so thankful for you. in the hard moments, and the fun moments, and all the ones in between. you will love fours. and you will show so much sweetness in four. and i can't wait to live your fours with you.

happy birthday, homie. i love you.


  1. Four, I can't wait for 4. ;)
    Happy birthday Jo Jo. :D

  2. Ha! That's funny, since being born we've called our Jonah, JoJo. :) Those are great shots of all 5 of them in the hats!


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