Sunday, March 31, 2013

scavenger hunt sunday 03/21/13

hello, friends.

Happy Easter to you. Be blessed today. 
I'm at home with a sick skiddle, watching our church service on the church app. 
But, still, what a sweet, sweet day it is. I am a thankful girl today.

1. water
::citrus water: cuties + mint::

2. empty
::blank page::

3. fresh
::fresh diapers. fresh air.::

4. weathered
::found in the yard after we moved in::

5. ordinary
::ordinary fruit {can't choose between color and b+w}::

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  1. Love that pear shot in COLOR! Also, Happy Easter to you guys too! What is your church app? Our church here in Porter doesn't have anything (like podcasts or apps) even though I consider it a mega-church. Let me know ;)

  2. I hope your sick one is feeling better. You have some delightful shots for this week's hunt words. My vote on the fruit is color - it is perfectly subtle to add interest without stealing the show. Happy Easter.

  3. A blank page Best solution yet for empty

  4. Great ordinary fruit. I pick the coloured shot, just b/c I love the shadow being so dark that it almost is already black and white.


I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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