Wednesday, March 13, 2013

ten on ten: march 2013

oh finally. I did take these on the tenth. I'm just taking forever to get them posted. It's been a tad busy around here. Except on Monday. when I did nothing. except one load of dishes. It was lovely just sitting on my bee-hind doing nothing. even when I had tons I should have been doing. But nothing was fun. Nothing was relaxing. Nothing was what I needed.

{cranky pants trying to wake up

{church: recharging. worshiping. thanking. rejoicing.}

{getting ready to craft for my momma's wedding}

{happy-pants enjoying the sunshine}

{momma cat the stalker}

 {baby plants}

{still crafting between kids and nursing sessions}

{homies are addicted}

{finding a note for dad on kid's dresser.
"Thank you very much for saving Bluey, Dad. I love you. Love, Taylan"}

{ah yes, bedtime}

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