Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Yesterday looked a little like this. Add in school and snacks and lunch and diaper changes.

and yes, grey's nose is gross. and yes, i put my boy's hair in a high pony. and yes, i'm hoping this is the year i don't kill my baby plants.

Jo is "weading", he says.

thinking momma is crazy.

getting brave and going one handed.

a big kid put new batteries in the karaoke toy and it's like it's brand new again.

jo joined the party.

reading + lego playing.

kid is always busy. he didn't lay here long before getting up and crawling on.

pants are always the first to come off with this kid.

anything can become a gun. it's true. 
and i'm not sure what's on his shirt.

always in the floor.

mint: chocolate + curled parsley + basil + dirty window.

Jo Jo outside.

Taylan's baby vera.


the days are getting warmer and longer. i'm always excited when it's time for the seasons to change. i love them all. and i do crave change.

happy middle-of-the-week.

1 comment:

  1. Totally looks like girl hair! LOL! (but I love it!)

    Your baby plants are awesome. Love the shot of your boy framed between them.


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