Monday, April 1, 2013

easter 2013

well. i tried. i tried really hard. i have several outtakes i will share soon. but for now, here is my crew from yesterday. with two sick babies (jo + grey), gatorade on the face, and a busy toddler, this was the best i could do.

hope your Easter was blessed. i spent the morning in the bed next to jonyn. he was in a bad way. and when toby got home from church, we just hung out together. toby and i managed to secure the first date night since before Christmas, on saturday, before Easter. so we went to Target and got the boys a gift. the Jurassic Park trilogy. so we watched that yesterday and made burgers.

it was a simple Easter. we didn't color eggs. or hunt eggs. or make treats. yet, the boys seems satisfied. which tells me they were just happy we were all in one place being together.

i love them. i'm thankful Jesus died for us and rose again. I'm thankful they get to know that Savior. and i'm thankful God chose us to parent these sweet boys for the short time we get to borrow them.

my five guys:

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