Thursday, April 4, 2013

evolution of five boys

now i really wish i had done this every month consistently. if you don't grab some kind of camera and photograph your kids together every month, you need to start tomorrow.

 oct. 2009

 jan. 2010

apr. 2010

may 2010

 sept. 2010

oct 2010

nov. 2010

dec. 2010

mar. 2011

may 2011

sept. 2011

oct. 2011

dec. 2011

feb. 2012

apr. 2012

july 2012

aug. 2012

sept. 2012

oct. 2012

nov. 2012

dec. 2012

jan. 2013

feb. 2013

mar. 2013

so there you go. seriously, if you don't do this and you have more than one baby, then start doing it.
gather all of your baby bunnies together, make them sit together and snap away, no matter what camera you have. because, trust. you will be so glad you did.

i started my blog after jo jo was born. and between then and now, i have broken hard drives that had photos of them all together on them. so i just pulled from my blog what i had posted. two things: i need to be in the photos more. and i need to keep up with the consistency i've had since grey was born. gathering them all once a month does not take all that much effort and it is certainly worth my time!


  1. LOVE those photos Brooke! :)
    I definitely need to do more of those and actually be in the photo, too. Thanks for the reminder to capture more of these memories.


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