Friday, April 5, 2013

friday's top ten 02.05.2013

hey there. it's friday, you know.

1. these two love their daddy. it's mandatory hugs x8 when he heads out. every time.

2. this whole hot, cold, warm, cold, hot, rain for five minutes thing here in texas has made my babies snotty and coughing. boo. greyson is back to not hardly breathing through his nose. let's pray it does not turn into another sinus infection.

3.this makes me laugh so hard. obviously, he thought he was going to try and pull up on something solid.
 gets me every. single. time.

4. totally did not get to have my day date with jo this past monday. i'm hoping to make that up to him this upcoming monday. thankful he's still young enough that he's none the wiser.

5. so greyson let go of the couch and stood by himself last night. he'll be nine months in three days. none of my other kids stood alone that early. i mean, taylan walked at 10 1/2 months, my earliest, but i don't think he was quite standing at almost nine months. (see also: chub).
 (have i already shared this photo? i can't even remember.)

6. speaking of greyson, tomorrow, i'm talking about his sleep. or lack there of. so come back and visit, mkay?

 7. i have to redo my blog header. i don't like it. i do, however, like the wider blog layout. just not the header. it's always something. i like to think it's ever evolving.

8. so there's this helicopter in my ear. ok, well it just sounds like there is ever-so-often (months.
my upper left eyelid has just been going crazy. then the ear thing. last night both at the same time were going on. i 'bout done lost my mind.
9. school is almost overrrrrrr!! we finished up math this week. now i'm busy trying to decide what the world i am going to get for next year's curriculum. it's so costly. i learned the other day that if you live in canada, you get $1000 per school kid per school year if you are registered as a homeschooler. um, hey government, can we get a little help here, too? no? mkay, thanks.

10. i miss reading books. those of you that do, you are blessed. greyson's sleep problems that i will complain about tomorrow in this space are preventing me from reading books that i so desperately want to read.

it's friday friday. i'm pretty glad about that. enjoy your weekend, peeps.


  1. You can share the same photos over and over and over. Love them. ;)

    *I have been reading these past 2-weeks. Crap books, but a break. So nice I must admit. But my babies are 3.

  2. I'm still chuckling over those shots of G on the trampoline. :D Those are great!
    So, have you ever thought of doing the linky thing for the Friday's Top Ten? Bet it would catch on :)


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