Saturday, April 6, 2013

getting in the photo

with my baby grey grey.

he has learned a new game. chase. he laughs uncontrollably when he thinks you are chasing him. especially if he's on the bed. while he was running to hide in the corner, i thought, i really don't want to forget this. the way i chase. he runs. he giggles. he looks back. and giggles again. the anticipation in his face. his babbling.

the smile on my face. the chuckle. his soft squishy skin beneath my lips, in my hands. the i'm gonna get you! the feeling of motherhood. the sweetness that surrounds a happy moment.

so i decided to turn the camera on both of us. i love it. i may be with dirty hair and with out makeup and my face may still be kinda chubby, but it doesn't matter so much in the big scope of things. really. what matters is i was enjoying a moment with my baby i did not want to forget. so i took photos of us together. i hope i don't forget that feeling of playing with my baby anytime soon.

i love him. and one day, he'll get to look back and say.... look at me. and *look* at my mom. she was ___________. i'm so glad i have these. because if i am lucky, and God willing, my children will out live me and have these sweet memories in print.


I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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