Monday, April 1, 2013

greyson on the trampoline

a couple of weeks ago, it was late in the evening, the boys were doing their showers and nighttime routines. i needed some fresh air. i feel like i never get any. we are still at a stage where brennen still runs when we go outside to take a walk. he's the only runner we've had. and when i'm wearing the baby, brennen is much faster than me.

so, we don't go anywhere but the backyard. these are the days i dream of having a big piece of property. anyways, i needed some fresh air, so i grabbed up greyson and took him out back with me. it was warm. i threw him on the trampoline and was needing to use my camera. i had had a lot on my mind lately, and the camera and fresh air and the cute baby all worked together to help me feel more at peace.

clearly, at first he did not know what to think. but after a while he warmed up and crawled everywhere. i hopped up there and played with him. he giggled so hard. and we just released the tension together. i love his squishy little rolls. i love his big smile. i love they way he grins. and i love how the fresh air and camera helped me feel more relaxed.
the chins. i hope he has his double chins forever.
he adores clapping. he does it quite often. and when you say yay, well, now it's even more fun.
diaper bums are the cutest bums.

i really have missed blogging. like truly blogging. like blogging about my little world. i really hope to fill this space up more. i stink at writing, but i love to do it. and i want to better document our lives for our kids to look back on, since i like, never print actual photos. never is strong word. i guess i rarely print them.

i hope you had a fantastic Easter. my third born was sick, so spent most of cuddled up in bed, his hands in my hair. love to all of you.


I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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