Friday, May 3, 2013

friday's top ten 05.03.2013

hello there. it's friday. of course. i'm pretty sure last week i was having a terrible friday and therefore did not do my top ten. so here we go...

1. this week has been better because i implemented a (very) loose schedule for the boys since we are officially done with school (because we lost our history book). and the bickering has lessened. the "can we's" have lessened. the "i'm bored" has gone away. it's been wonderful. i was losing my ever-lovin' mind there for a couple of weeks.

2. greyson's sleep is on again, off again. mostly off. he sleeps terrible many nights in a row, then has a great night, then has a horrible awful oh my word what is happening night. one day. one day. right?

3. i finally started crocheting again. i'm *trying* to make crowns for my little princes. hopefully, i'll have some cutie photos to share soon. (hopefully i can actually do it correctly).

4. so we started a garden and since it's already warm (except yesterday), i went ahead and skipped starting them indoors and just put the seeds straight into the earth. well. in our raised beds, anyways. so now, i can't decide if what's growing is what i planted, weeds, or grass. SEND HELP!

5. i have a goal of using my camera more this summer. i mean, since i got my iphone and instagram (which, by the way, i make albums of my ig photos), i tend to use it to snap a photo quicker and i really really really really really really want to get back into taking real photos with my real camera. (and that's not to say that phone photos aren't real, i just enjoy having high quality photos as well. because i'm into photography and stuff).

6. we introduced Jurassic Park to the kids. and then they pretend played like dinosaurs the rest of the day. i love those movies. and i love those kids even more.

7. i feel so much peace about not having a business. (i do still have client photos to edit and send, but after that...) i mean, my honey and i have our own business, but i'm not doing my part, the photography part, as you know. God knows what He is doing, and i trust that.

8. my baby is funny. i'll share more of these soon.

9. i finally broke my tv addiction. i mainly only watch at night, sometimes at lunch, and on the rare occasion that i lie down in bed in the middle of the day. y'all, this is *big*.

10. this has been bugging me, so i'm just gonna say it: it is not always correct to say "[person's name] and I." always saying "and I" because it sounds more proper is not, in fact proper. if you take out the person's name and the word "and" and it makes sense, you're good. otherwise, say "and me". yes, yes, i am the grammar police and it was my best subject in school. really, i just want the world to sound smart :) i do. and sometimes it's fun to break the rules when you know the rules. hey, just like in photography!

correct: Dad picked up ice cream for Taylan and me.
incorrect: Dad picked up ice cream for Taylan and I.
correct: My husband and I went on vacation.
incorrect: My husband and me went on vacation.

now i feel so much better. take or leave it. (just don't yell at me, i'll cry). sometimes, you just have to get these things off your chest. :)

happy, happy friday. i love y'all.

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