Friday, May 24, 2013

friday's top ten 05.24.2013

1. holy wow, it's been a while since i've done a top ten.

2. we leave for oklahoma in a few days. i cannot wait. i am truly ready for a break from the daily grind. i'm so worn out and i'm so happy i get to sit back and just visit family. sure, i still have monkeys to care for, but it's different when you don't have to be in your own house..

3. i started yoga. did i mention?
 ^not the best perspective or photo of my face ever.
my point in posting crappy phone photos of myself is to show you that, if *i* can do yoga... me, a plus size, weak mom of five... then so can YOU. or you can do that workout you've always thought you'd enjoy, be it yoga or kickboxing. you CAN do it. {if you're on instagram, follow my interwebs friend miss @missmunchy1, she has daily yoga challenges for those just starting out with hash tag #blindleadingtheblindyoga. that's where some, but not all, of the above photos are from. and i should mention i am, like, extra flexible, so i stretched my body-boundaries to see what i could do.}

3. so since january 3rd, i've dropped 33lbs and two jean sizes. and my BMI is now below 30, which for my short stature means that i am medically out of the obese category and am down to the overweight category. my next goal is only 7lbs away and the goal date was june 1st. i don't think i'll make it unless i work out hard core the next few days. but ya know, i am so happy with how far i've come that it won't bother me to not make that small goal. i'll set a new one after that and move forward from there. the small goals are more manageable than a lofty goal of 70lbs would have been. i'm around 40lbs away from my dream size and!!

4. i'm going to start Momma Meet-ups (play dates) once i get back from vacay in june. i'm excited about it. i struggle with making friends, i always have, and i don't have many i have gotten close to here, so i'm changing that. the last time i had a group of new-ish friends that i started going to play dates with, we became better friends, and i loved it. in fact, i try to keep in touch with some of them still. so i'm pumped about hanging out with other moms, just for the grown up conversation alone.

5. my kid has a lisp. we try and tell him to talk with his tongue behind his teeth, but he often forgets. his "s" sounds seem worse lately, to the point i have to ask him to repeat himself. has anyone dealt with older kids with a lisp? and did you have to end up going to a speech therapist? i actually thought he'd grow out of it by now. and if there are free online resources to help, can you recommend them? i'd love to work with him this summer so he can drop his lisp. (it was so cute a few years ago, but now it seems to be hindering his speech some).

6. i am trying darn hard to pick up my camera more. but i went days without touching it. it's a shame.

7. i'm tired y'all. the baby will have one good night in between so many rough nights, but it does not make me any less tired. but he spent about a week fussing while nursing in the middle of the night and he seems to be back to just his quick nursing and falling back to sleep. i'm happy about that, even if he does still wake up 834 times a night, at least he's not fighting me anymore.

8. we started a garden. and i have photos of the progress. but only a few things are actually popping up out of the ground. but, it's our first year, and there's a big learning curve, right?

9. it was supposed to rain last night. so many people are getting rain. i wish so badly that it would rain here. i pray it everyday.

10. i am so thankful for you. i am. i am so thankful for the community of women on instagram as well. seriously, i find and receive so much encouragement from both of these spaces. and i am grateful. so grateful. it's unbelievable and overwhelming in the best way to have so many lift you up in prayer or simply say hang in there. i'm just so full of gratitude for you.

enjoy your long weekend friends. remember why we celebrate, but also remember to enjoy your loved ones. because they are still here and matter so much.

peace out, homies.


  1. I'm so stinkin' proud of you.
    ...and a tad envious, but you inspire me.
    Don't you love and fear that?
    Inspiring others? ;)
    I love you and hope you have a fantastic time with the family. I know you miss them so much. :)

    1. YES!! i keep hearing "inspiring" and "amazing" and other over the top (to me) words, and i'm all "nuh-uh, i'm not any of those things. i'm just a crazy mom with a goal."
      love you, too :)

  2. You are amazing! I just found you on instagram this afternoon while searching for (hash)plussizeyoga. How you eat clean, exercise, breastfeed, homeschool, spend quiet time with God, keep a clean home, keep up with 5! boys, and seem sane, I do not know. You are my new hero. I know its not easy or all done well all the time, but it seems that way. I have three littles, my home is never clean, quiet time with Him is more rare than it should be, school happens most days, and am embarking on my own transformation with 140 big ones to lose.

    Hats off to you! Keep it up. You have inspired me today. Thank you for sharing.


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