Sunday, May 26, 2013

scavenger hunt sunday 05/26/2013

glad you are here.
and thank you for the kind words you always share.

1. vacation
::packed and ready::

2. food
::trying not to kill our future zucchini::

3. sound
::this boy is cute, but the sounds he makes sometimes. i mean. he's the loudest kid of the five. for real. and the most energetic::

4. texture
::momma cat::

5. anything

linking up:

ps, next week is all photographer's choice for the hunt. if you've ever wanted to participate, next sunday will be a great week to do so.

*and* ::happy birthday:: to my sister-in-law! i love her dearly and i am so blessed by her!


  1. Love the perspective in your shots this week. Vacation and that cat face are fabulous!

  2. Love that vacation picture and the swinging feet - oh love!

  3. Excellent set of images. Love the "Packed and ready" for vacation. That pretty much says it all. Have a blessed day.

  4. That's one adorable loud child! And your swinging feet do say summer! I think my favorite shot is the suitcase - great perspective and edit!

  5. Love the shot of your zucchini plant and that last shot is perfect! I also agree the perspective on your vacation shot is awesome.

  6. LOVE them all. The zucchini shot is my fav. It's just so earthy and the greeeeeeen. Mmmmmm...

  7. Fantastic perspective. I love "Sound". So cute!

  8. Great choices for the prompts. Food and Texture are my favorites.

  9. Awe! I'm just now seeing this....THANK YOU!!! Love you, too!


I am so happy you are here. Your words make my heart so happy.


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