Thursday, May 2, 2013

simple moments :: week 24

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what a morning it's been! i've been doing my best to fight off the crankies i'm feeling. baby grey grey only wants me to hold him today. right now, i have him in his brother's bedroom with noise making toys surrounding him, so, he's okay for the moment. but i can't get him to nap today and he didn't sleep, like, at all last night. so i'm just trying to find things to be thankful for, like a nap for me later (if baby naps). and the ability to nurse my baby. and my honey going to the store. and finally getting our plumbing fixed next week. and a working washing machine. and friends. and five amazing boys.

anyways. this kid. he'll be in the double digits in ten days. yes, he'll be T E N. who's shocked? because i am. how did i get to be in my thirties? how did i have five babies? how is the oldest so big? it's flown. hopefully i can get back into blogging more regularly this summer. there are so many memories that must. be. recorded.
he loves origami. all forms of origami. star wars. animals. objects. people. he loves it all. and don't tell him, but for his birthday, i got him another origami kit! i'm so excited. it's been hard to keep his gifts (which happen to all be books of some sort) in the closet for over a month now. i'm one of those gift givers that can't contain my own excitement over seeing you open your gift. so. it's a miracle i've kept them stashed away. must be my old(er) age.

but seriously, the younger boys were watching movie and he asked to pull out his ipad and do origami. i can't say no to that. so he did. and some of the steps are hard but he kept on trying. and when he finally got to a place where he just couldn't get it, he'd ask dad. and dad, of course, can figure it out (even when mom can't).
i love him. i love his love for books. and cooking. and origami. and science. and learning. i took him out on a day date two nights ago. it was so nice. we talked a lot. he asked a lot of questions. we enjoyed dinner, the arcade, a cookie for him, baby plant shopping, and the grocery store. i love that i am able to take each kid out seperately and date them. this time i explained to him that soon, he will be learning how to treat a lady... opening doors for them and all those old fashioned things that aren't so common anymore. i want them to sweep their future wives off. their. feet. so i'm going to show them how with manners and etiquette and (appropriate) compliments.

anyways, if you have joined, please leave me a link? and yay! and if not, next week? i'd love to see the little things in your life that you want to record.


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simple moments is about finding the small things that make up our everyday, things we want to remember and be thankful for. it's the little bits of our lives that might not be remembered when we are gray and old. so we document it, on paper, with a photo, in a journal, through a blog. join me? 


  1. Ugh, I love those dark contrasting photos! I hope my kids have a love for something like he does his origami and books and science!

    1. i bet they will! my boys were older, like 6-8 before figuring out what they were interested in :)

  2. I just read three posts. I love your blog. :) Looks like you have some great kiddos!

    1. thank you!! so sweet :) yes, i sure do!


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