Friday, June 28, 2013

grey + woody

he seems to always find this toy lately. it's his current favorite. woody. from toy story. i've seen grey kiss him, hug him, throw him, swing him, drop him, babble to him, and lug him around all over the house. it's a sweet friendship they've developed.
forgive me, these first two aren't really in focus. i seriously need to just stop using my busted 50mm.

one day, he deeply contemplated putting woody in zoey's dog kennel. in the end, he just squealed at woody and went about his way.

i really love this silhouette. like, really.
clearly, zoey thinks she needs to test everything out with her puppy teeth.
i love that he has a toy that is already a favorite. i'm sure favorites will switch around as he grows, but right now, the fact that he is in love with a toy half his size is so precious to me. it melts my heart, and i love watching him play.

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