Tuesday, June 25, 2013

homeschool area :: a tour.

so my honey picked the boys and me up at the airport last tuesday and since ikea was so close to the airport, and the shelf i have been dreaming of for so long lives there, we decided to go and pick it up. we had this regular bookshelf before (fun facts: we have had this shelf since we were very first marred, for like 12 years), these file folders, and lots of totes. it was looking cluttered and ridiculous. sorry for the phone photo, but you get the idea. it ain't pretty. it's a hot mess!

so when we got this shelf, it was my homeschool dream come true. that, and perfect children that always did their work timely and without complaint. i kid, i kid. it would be no fun ever with perfection running around. so about the shelf, i moved out the old one, took the file folders down, and toby and i put this shelf together. it was so easy! probably the easiest thing we've ever assembled.

so here's the tour. see the breakfast bar to the left? it's black. it's chalkboard! i painted it shamelessly. and i plan on repainting the bottom cabinets, too. to white. underneath, in the cabinets, i store our unused stuff and our extra notebooks. we have a map decal on the wall above the breakfast bar. it's really more for looks than use, but the boys have used it a time or two. on the bar, i found a clearanced silverware holder that i use for scissors, colored pencils, pens and writing pencils. on the other side of that door i keep a corkboard i painted and our calendar.

and then we have this shelf, the shelf that makes me giddy, and want to jump up and down and clap my hands and squeal with delight. the top has fun stuff on it, including the globe, a camera shaped pencil sharpener, and an ammo case full of pencils. the first shelf on the left is Momma's stuff. the rest of the top row i have for their curriculum, including Jo's preK stuff in the last cubby.

then we have their hobbies on the second row, their notebooks, reading books, and coloring utensils and scissors and glue.

the next row you see the drawers, those were a separate purchase, but so, so worth it. art supplies, puzzles, games, B's things, and more are being stored in them. but on the open two shelves are more advanced reading books and their reference and science experiment books.

the last shelf holds their summer bridge activity books, math blocks, coloring books, and more of B's puzzles. no more totes! see? that's why i am so thrilled. this shelf is freakin' amazing. and right beside the shelf is a little box i made and filled with the baby's board books.

then we have our school table. but really we only use that when someone is being naughty or distracting and needs to go work alone. typically we all work at the bar, and we rarely have to use the little table like that, but it's nice to have just in case. i'm ready to rotate those frames out and put something new in them. i'll probably do that before the school year starts. and those totes you see under the bar won't stay there. i just haven't had a need to move them just yet.
and of course, you can see where the cat keeps getting stuck in the garage and has tried multiple time to eat her way out. that's one of those projects low on the priority list, a new garage door. but someday.

so there you have it, our homeschool set up. if you share yours, i want to see! leave me a link. i'll have another homeschool post coming up soon about changes to how we will do things and some questions i have for you! until then, thanks for having a look around.

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  1. i'm so glad that you ended up getting the shelf! It really did change the whole look of the room. It looks cleaner and brighter. I still owe you pictures of my new set up, and I'm hoping to get a post going about it tomorrow.


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