Saturday, June 29, 2013

jonyn's fourth birthday photos.

at the beginning of june, while at my mom's house, i took jo's birthday photos for his fourth birthday. kid is a ham. but mostly he just wanted to run around and play and give me silly grins and hold roly polies. but i managed to get a few cutie shots anyways.

 and then i asked him to show me his dance moves.

then he got bored and started looking around. followed by running in circles. literally.

my adorable, smart, funny, crazy, sweet, stubborn, loud little four year old. how did that even happen? four.
his birth was so different because we had lost two babies two consecutive years before he was conceived. by the time he was ready to be born, we were so ready to welcome him and hold him and love him. he's certainly a special little man and we cherish his place in our family, even if he is the hardest of our five to parent. we adore his personality, his strong will (even during the difficult times), he cute little face, all of him.

 "jonyn, how old are you?"

 "jonyn, can you make a funny face?"
 he thinks he's as funny as i think he is.

 then he gets a little shy...
 ...and then silly again...
 ...then ready to move on.

 so he'd run circles and i would say "freeze!" and so he would, while laughing hysterically.

 "last one, jo, promise."

 "okay, maybe one more."
he's holding two roly polies here and this face is all let me play with my bugs, please, ma'am.

 "okay, go ahead, jo."

 pretty sure he's going to grow up and be the next generation's jeff corwin. for real.

ps, i realize the colors aren't consistent, but i don't mind. i edited in several different sittings. also, red is a beast to photograph.

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