Monday, June 3, 2013

she reads truth

sometime within the last year, although i don't remember when, i was following a few ladies that started sharing little snippets of their quiet time on instagram. those ladies used the hashtag #shereadstruth. after seeing it several times, i *had* to know what it was. i felt compelled to find out. it is this community of women doing the same study of the Bible at the same time. i was hooked. i wanted to be a part of it. i wanted to study the Bible with a big group of believers and be part of something big and amazing. but more, i also wanted the Spirit to move and work in and through me. and boy, has He. 

it's been amazing. i have become more consistent with my daily quiet time. i have learned more about myself and so much more about my Savior. i have met friends and found inspiration that amaze me daily. i am in a place now where i crave that quiet time with my Lord. if i don't do it early enough in the day, like if i get busy with kids, my mind can't stop thinking about when i can sit with Jesus and study his Word. it's a great place to be, friends.

and i am so thankful. She Reads Truth has been the tool i needed to get completely consistent. and even when we are in between studies, i still crave that quiet time and i still make it a priority. the Lord is good and i am grateful.

Happy One Year Anniversary, She Reads Truth.

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  1. I loved reading your post & I do agree that when we are in between studies my soil longs to spend that time with God, because I have become disciplined to do so each day.


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