Saturday, June 22, 2013

taylan is T E N.

back in may, on the 12th,  my oldest baby turned ten. that's double digits, peeps. how on earth did he get so big? and so handsome!

we celebrated with a cake from a box, strawberry with chocolate fudge icing. his choice, of course. i love these photos. i love the many faces of my boys.

cake + ice cream =

brain freeze!

gifts are easy with this one. we know what he is into, and he knows what he likes. so that makes is so easy for us.  and to say he was excited would be a slight understatement.
 *see also: Jonyn.

oh, child.

after cake and ice cream taylan decided he wanted to play a board game.

my boy, my science loving, origami making, book reading, star wars geeking, ten year old boy... momma loves you and we are so blessed by you. you are so special and big things are in your future, mister. follow your dreams, listen to your heart, and most of all, trust the Lord with all that is in you. what an amazing kid you are! you make me smile.

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