Saturday, June 29, 2013

taylan's tenth birthday photos.

the same day i took jo jo out for his photos, i took my big boy out, too. ten. so crazy to think i am old enough to have a ten year old. i mean, i love my age, it's not that. it just seems so crazy that it's been that many years since i first became a momma. nuts. he's a handsome kid, growing up before my very eyes, getting smarter and more mature all the time.

he was easier to photograph, because, you know, he's ten and all, and able to cooperate much longer than a crazy four year old.

i love this kid, and i'm so thankful for him.

and again, i realize the colors are inconsistent, yet again. but multiple editing sessions. and i really wasn't trying that hard to make them match up perfectly (if i'm honest).

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  1. Aww, I love your boys! I've only had the pleasure of meeting 2 of them, but I love them all.

    PS, the tree in #3 has lichen all over it. ;)


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