Saturday, June 22, 2013

ten on ten :: june 2013

i realize the tenth was many, many days ago. but. i have been out of town since end of may and just got back on this past tuesday. i took as many photos on the tenth as i could, but we were packing up that day to head to dallas so i could catch my flight to washington, which i will be posting about soon.

so really, this is more like ten-ish on ten because it probably wasn't ten consecutive hours. more like, ten or so photos i happened to get on our last day visiting. but it'll do. this is the one photo project i am trying to truly keep up with for the whole year. my simple moments didn't happen because i didn't have my computer with me part of the time. plus i was busy just being with our families. but i will be picking that back up this coming up thursday. i'd love if you played along, too.

perfect weather morning.
ps, we discovered that all of us have flat fred flinstone feet.

baby toy.

my momma's girl.

baby by the door.

car sleeping.


poolside family.

sleeping B.

sleeping, hand in hair, Jo.


my favorite thing is that every single one of my guys made this months ten.

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